On the Waves of Wanderlust by Liwen Ho

I received this e-book for free from Liwen herself as part of her influencer team. This doesn't influence my rating in any way.

From the back of the book: 

After Macy Grant breaks up with a man who won’t commit, she escapes heartbreak with a weekend on the seas. The last person she expects to meet and fall for is entrepreneur Jake Olsen. A believer in love at first sight, he seems perfect for her in every way … then her ex-boyfriend shows up on the cruise ship with a ring.

This 10,000-word short story is perfect for your lunch break, workout, or while you wait in line at the mall. Read it today to get into the spirit of summer any time of the year!

My thoughts on Liwen:

Liwen Ho is such a talented writer and she pours her heart into creating such lovable characters. I admire her determination to create characters with stories of their own that tug at your heart and leave you cheering them on towards a happy ending. Liwen is funny and down to earth. Seems like she always has a positive word for everyone she meets. 

My thoughts on Waves of Wanderlust:

Cute story! One of my favorites that have made me really appreciate characters falling in love. I will say if you have never been on a cruise....that is one experience worth enduring. I went on two cruises so far in my life and I loved them so much. To me, its the way to travel as long as you don't get seasick. LOL. I love the characters of Chloe because she just wants the best for her cousin and for her to be happy as she is with Dill. I love that Liwen talks about Chloe and her cochlear implant because I, myself am hearing impaired and like to think that people with disabilities can do anything normal people can do....it just takes more time, love and patient. 

I love the intentions of Jake Olsen because though it would intimidate me, I think it would be easy to breathe if guys were like this. Instead of running away scared and not committing in most cases. I love the chemistry between Macy and Jake. They make you just want to jet off and join them on adventure all while finding love out on the waves! 

I would rate this book a 5 out of 5 stars. Its an easy read filled with love, adventure, questions and most of all fun. 

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Who can I see playing these beloved characters?

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Macy Grant

Jake Olsen




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