You're LOVED No Matter What by Holley Gerth

This book totally grabbed my attention from the title. You wanna know why....? Because for over 10 years of my life I have struggled with low self-esteem and self-worth. This book helped open my eyes to knowing that I do not need to be PERFECT. That I am human and that I am one who has so much love to give.

God has amazing plans for all of us. He just wants us to turn our lives over to Him and let Him be in charge. I can tell you right now that if I did not do that, I would not be here today typing these blog posts and hopefully making a difference in the world for God.

This book is highly recommended for every woman to read and take seriously. It WILL change your life when you put these things into perspective. So many of us buy into and believe in the lies told to us but did you know.....GOD loves you more than you will ever know?

Let that sink in and pick up this book today.

Until next time,

The Traveling Gypsy


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