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Who's your Anchor?

Hey there everyone! I just wanted to welcome you to my blog. Today we are going to be talking about anchors and who is your anchor during your hard times. Who do you rely on? Do you go running to a special someone? Do you run to God? 

Has there ever been a time in your life where something you wanted didn’t go the way you wanted or even ended up being taken away? Have you ever looked up to the sky and say “Lord, I have no clue what you are up to now? How did that happen?”
I want to tell you about a time when that has happened to my family and I. We have been through heck and back. This summer was a totally a chance to hang onto God, our Anchor and our Faith. 

Some days there were a lot of questioning about where we were going to live, if we had made the wrong decision to move everyone up here at the time or to have people stay in Maryland. We just had to learn that God is into control no matter what. 
We were in the process of relocating to Michigan from Maryland. We own a house in SC, w…