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Holidays of the Heart by Darlene Franklin

Thoughts on Darlene Franklin:

She is a talented writer who has a lot to say in her books/stories. Telling a story with complicated characters, story lines and keeping the reader interested is definitely a talent and some writers/authors have a hard time engaging their audience. That is not the case with Darlene Franklin. This was DEFINITELY my favorite out of the five stories. 

My Candy Valentine

I completely adored this story. Gilbert has to be my favorite by far especially when he comes up with an excuse to go and see the lovely Catrina. He just reminds me that love is definitely worth it when you find the right person. I loved how this was centered around candies. His proposal in the end was such a unique way to propose. I felt my heart run away with the characters in this story. 

Love's Glory

This was a fast read but that doesn't mean it didn't leave footprints on the heart. I grew up with my father in the military. He served in the U.S. Navy for 17 years so most of my youn…