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Life......thoughts about it in general....

Have you ever wondered what its all about? Plans and dreams.....can they come true? Is it possible to find that one who loves you for who you are.......who wants to help you in life? I am truly happy for friends of mine who have found the love of their lives and starting families. I often wonder if its something that will happen to me.....or if God has another plan. Some days are lonely but it helps to have friends and family. I know God has a plan and that He loves me very much. I just have to be patient and listen to His will. I hope that I can be of some encouragement to those who follow me. You guys are welcome to post comments, questions or if you ever need advice. We will all be okay. God has a bigger plan. We are just pieces of a huge picture kinda like a puzzle. Praying for those who need prayer. Sending out hugs for those who need a friendly remind that they are loved and thought about.

God's peace and harmony,

Traveling Gypsy

A piece of my heart

I may look strong on the outside, but I know how I feel on the inside. I care about people, and things way way too much. I know I shouldn't let people see that they can hurt me. I am learning to be more powerful in standing up for myself and having a voice. Not to be scared or paranoid of what people say or do to me. God has opened my eyes to real and true Salvation. You see, for many many years, I thought I was saved but I could never answer the whole Do you know for sure where you are going when you die question. This year on July 24th, I attended a church with my family in which they were having a guest speaker. The man who published his own life story of an experience called 23 Minutes in Hell. God opened my eyes, my ears and my heart that day to who He truly is and that I was on my way to Hell if I did not give my life over to His son, Jesus Christ, who came and died for all of us. To save us from a place full of Hate, Agony, Pain and Suffering beyond all we have ever known. …

Hello out there.

Halita here. Just wanted to say hi and let you know why I have taken down my poetry. I am currently working on getting it published into a book so there for I decided to take it down. I am also going to be working on my other books that I have in the works. Almost done writing the second volume of Oooka Chewobie with my sister. I have one book that is going to be tied into the Salem Witch Trials which was a huge part of my trip this year. Its so interesting that time period how people can just go on what someone says without looking into the real problems. So that is what is new with me.