Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Death at Thorburn Hall by Julianna Deering

I recieved this book for free from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for my honest review because I am part of their blogging team.

From the back of the book:

Investigating a suspicious accident leads Drew on a path that points to international intrigue and ever-growing danger
Drew Farthering arrives in idyllic Scotland for the 1935 British Open at Muirfield, hoping for a relaxing holiday with his wife, Madeline, and friend Nick. But death meets him once again when Lord Rainsby, their host at Thorburn Hall, is killed in a suspicious riding accident--only days after confiding in Drew his fears that his business partner was embezzling funds.

Thorburn Hall is filled with guests, and as Drew continues to dig, he realizes that each appears to have dark motives for wanting Rainsby out of the way. Together with Madeline and Nick, he must sort through shady business dealings, international intrigue, and family tensions to find a killer who always seems to be one step ahead.

Thoughts on Julianna Deering:

Julianna Deering is an amazing writer who keeps you on your toes, who challenges your thinking and problem solving, who writes such developed characters that pull you into a storyline. I sometimes imagine her sitting at her computer thinking "How can I stump my readers now?" She has a heart of gold and her faith speaks for itself throughout the pages of the mysteries.

My thoughts on Death at Thorburn Hall:

I was happy and pleased to see that she brought Carrie and Nick back into the picture because I love when all four of them are involved in the mystery. This particular book takes place at the British Open (which is like the masters in Augusta, Georgia). I do not know about you guys but I have never really been thrilled by the sport of Golf. Julianna Deering makes the sport bearable by adding murder, intrigue and romance to the game.

As soon as I read the character of Lord Rainsby, I had several ideas who could play him but really only one stuck seeing as he needed to be old enough and well-distingished. Julianna Deering has me stumped at this current moment seeing as I am not yet done with the book. I think out of all the Farthering series, I have only partially got one right. I don't mind but that is because I adore the characters, the romance, the adventures and just the overall fun.

If you love mysteries and not knowing who it is....having to really think and put the pieces together....You willl LOVE Julianna Deering. She is one who doesn't disappoint.

I just have to say I will be heart broken when the series actually ends. I hope its not for another many many years. I often wonder if she uses inspiration from Sherlock Holmes, from Agatha Christie, Castle and many other crime shows.

I give this book a 5 out of 5 because I can tell its going to be an amazing story.

Where to buy:

Here is who I can see playing the characters:

Lady Louisa Rainsby

Young woman

Lord Rainsby

Drew Farthering


Nick Dennison

Madeline Farthering

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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

A Dangerous Legacy by Elizabeth Camden

I recieved this book from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for my honest review as part of their blogger review program.

From the back of the book:

Lucy Drake's mastery of Morse code has made her a valuable asset to the American news agencies as a telegrapher. But the sudden arrival of Sir Colin Beckwith at rival British news agency Reuters puts her hard-earned livelihood at risk. Newly arrived from London, Colin is talented, handsome, and insufferably charming.  

Despite their rivalry, Lucy realizes Colin's connections could be just what her family needs to turn the tide of their long legal battle over the fortune they were swindled out of forty years ago. When she negotiates an unlikely alliance with him, neither of them realizes how far the web of treachery they're wading into will take them.

My thoughts on Elizabeth Camden:

Elizabeth Camden is an amazing writer who has written several books that I have throughly enjoyed. She writes from her heart, from the history and knowledge that she knows. She creates memorable and loveable characters who take you on adventures and make you feel as if you are walking right along with them in many of their journeries. Her elements of faith bleed through the back story and don't come across as being shoved down your throats. 

My thoughts on A Dangerous Legacy:

I haven't finished the whole book but to the part that I have gotten is very well written, has lots of drama and makes you like certain characters more than others. I love the idea of the plan between Colin and Lucy to work together for the benefits of both parties. I absolutely loathe uncle thomas and his sneaky ways. I have always admired the way people first began to communicate in this country before telephones were made available at every turn. 

It must have been interesting to be able to evesdrop on calls and to hear other people's business. Once can only hope there wasn't inappropriate behavior if you catch my drift. Colin grated on my nerves at first but then I started to understand him better and he wasn't so bad. I feel bad for people like Colin who have served in war and deal with PTSD. I am hearing impaired and loud noises scare me from time to time but what he goes through is way different and affects alot of military people. 

I have one friend who has it so badly that he has to hide in the basement with military-efficient headphones and play video games to block out the noise of the fireworks. It really can make them think they are back in the war-torn areas fighting for their lives and the lives of others. I wish people would think about that before they just go too fire-work happy. 

I give this book a 4 out of 5 stars. As always, I will leave you with who I can see playing the characters. 

Where to buy:

Sir Colin Beckwith

Count Demetri Ostrowski

Lady Amelia

Lucy Drake

Nicholas Drake

Thomas Jr

Uncle Thomas

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Monday, November 6, 2017

Fall into Romance (A set of 10 sweet Romances)

I recieved this boxed series for free in exchange for my honest review from Liwen Ho. I am a part of her street team. This however does not influence my rating.

From the back of the series:

Each story takes you inside the heart of a small town—its people—and features adorable animal friends in need of a forever home. 

Take a trip to Romance, Oregon, where falling in love has never been easier and happily-ever-after is guaranteed!

Finding Forever in Romance by Melanie D. Snitker 
Brent's hands are so full he doesn't realize his heart is empty. But how can he convince Nicole to trust him and give them all a chance at the forever family they deserve?

Lost in Romance by Stacy Claflin
Work is Alisyn’s life. Everything is perfect until the day her boss’s son comes to town and takes her breath away. Will she risk it all for love?

At Second Glance by Raine English
Can an ornery French bulldog help a mismatched couple find love?

Blown Into Romance by Shanna Hatfield 
Free spirit Brooke Roberts blows into Romance like an autumn storm, unprepared to fall for the handsome rancher who gives her a reason to stay.

Wired for Romance by Franky A. Brown 
Electrician Josh Chadwick can rewire his new client’s house, but he can’t do a thing about the electricity sparking between them.

Restoring Romance by Tamie Dearen
She’s a big city chef who likes cats. He’s a small town mayor who restores antiques. But even with feline allergies at play, true love is nothing to sneeze at.

Finding Dori by J.J. DiBenedetto 
She’s a loud, pushy New Yorker who drives him crazy. He almost ran her over with his truck. Of course they’re perfect for each other…

Katie’s Chance for Romance by Jessica L. Elliott 
Five years ago she pushed him out of her life, but she couldn't force him from her heart. 

Chasing Romance by Liwen Y. Ho 
When pop sensation Chase Lockhart wants more than a room at Izzy Sutton’s Bed and Breakfast, she must decide whether it’s worth opening up her heart to him, especially when he’s eleven years her junior. 

Lessons in Romance by Kit Morgan
A rooster, a tortoise and love, oh my! Now if the humans could just figure out the love part, they might all live happily ever after.

I have not gotten a chance to read all of the other stories in this boxed set because I have been busy preparing to make sure my parents are all set to go to South Africa and then Nanowrimo started for me and I have been busy working on my own project. I did however get a chance to read Liwen Ho's Chasing Romance.

My thoughts on Liwen Ho:

Liwen Ho is a very talented writer who always takes you on many different kinds of adventures. She introduces you to her most beloved characters and somehow, you find yourself saying...."Oh my gosh! I just love this story." It really does plesantly surprise you once you get to the end of the short novellas. 

Liwen Ho is such a sweetheart who makes time in her busy schedule to talk to you if you need advice or need ideas or just want to talk to a friend. She is like talking to a friend you have grown up with but always feel connected to no matter how many years go by. 

My thoughts on Chasing Romance:

Honestly, I really was preplexed by the plot. At first I was cold to the idea of a single mother liking and falling in love with a rock star the age or closer to the age of her daughter. Like it really bothered me. But then as I was getting into the storyline. I was like, why not? Everyone deserves love and to be happy. 

Am I 100% for it? Hmmmm, I am not totally sure but I do love the way Liwen talks about the perfect all day with the fall festival and how the characters of Chase and Izzy just enjoy taking in the festival together. This is something I hope to share with my future husband someday granted if getting married is in the cards for me. I have no idea. I, myself have had challenges in this realm of life but I know God knows what He is doing. 

Where to buy:

These are the people I could see playing the characters:

Chase Lockhart




I rate this book a 4.5 out of 5 stars! Way to go Liwen! 

                                                                                                 Until Next Time,

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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Mission Undercover by Virginia Vaughan

I recieved this book for free in exchange for my honest review. I am on Virginia's street team, however this doesn't sway my opinion. I judge the book for book sake. 

From the back of the book:

When Blake Michaels's cover as a local cop is blown and a corrupt officer attempts to kill him, he's forced to go on the run. Under his protection is Holly Mathis, also a target for what she may know about her late husband's investigation into corruption on the police force. Blake can't complete his assignment without help from the beautiful widow, but getting close to a woman again is out of the question. Trapped inside the town limits by police barricades, Blake won't surrender the mission until he finds the source of the deadly drug ring that brought him here. But as he circles closer to his target, can he get his man—and save his woman—without sacrificing his own life?

My thoughts on Virginia Vaughan:

She is such a down to earth woman whose faith rings loud and true through the pages of her books. Virginia seems to always have a smile for everyone, an encouraging word for every troubled heart and a friendship for those she holds dear. She is a talented writer. I always feel like, "Wow, there is a new layer to Virginia and her writing that I did not know." I am so honored to review this book for her. You can tell writing and creating characters as well as storylines runs in Virginia's blood. Its her passion and it shows. 

My thoughts on Mission Undercover:

This book is the 5th book in her Rangers Under Fire series. I haven't read all the books in the series but this can be read stand alone. Virginia has a very dramatic voice to her stories and characters that command your attention from the get go. I love that. I would rather a book have me engulfed into the story line rather than feeling "Blah.....can I skip ahead?" Virginia creates loveable characters and then also ones that you hate with everything you have in you. I feel this is the way some people are about things in life or people really. 

As soon as I read Mason's character, the perfect guy came to mind. Many of you might know him as the crooked cop from Pretty Little Liars but he is none other than Detective Darren Wilden. I believe Bryce Johnson would be pretty for the part. He seems to have the role down and with such believeablity. 

I loved how Blake and Holly had to learn to rely on each other to get out alive. There is something about having to learn to survive that can really make you appreciate someone. This story has such action, little spots of romance that peek out throughout the pages, and alot of holding on to your seat hoping the bad guy is caught. 

I rate this book a 5 stars out of 5 stars. 

Where to buy:

Here are the people I can see playing Blake, Holly and Mason.

Bryce Johnson as Mason

Rachelle Lefevre as Holly Mathis

Tyler Hoechlin as Blake Micheals 

Until next time, 

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Monday, September 25, 2017

The Rancher's Mistletoe Bride by Jill Kemerer

I recieved this book for free in exchange for my honest review as a member of Jill Kemerer's street team. This does not influence my review. 

From the back of the book:

Wedding planner Lexi Harrington needs a manager for her inherited Wyoming ranch. Clint Romine is the perfect man for the job, but the ruggedly handsome cowboy soon presents a new dilemma—distraction. Lexi can't fall for a small-town rancher when she's planning to return to her big-city career after the holidays. Home has always been elusive for former foster kid Clint. Working alongside Lexi at Rock Step Ranch feels too cozy—and too risky. Opening up to her means revealing a secret about his past that could jeopardize everything he holds dear. This Christmas, can Clint learn to trust Lexi with the truth…and with his heart?

My thoughts on Jill Kemerer:

Jill Kemerer is an amazing writer who just oozes passion, romance and faith all rolled into each of her stories. I love taking a day or three to read her books. They are short, straight to the point and your heart gets kidnapped by the characters. Jill Kemerer really does bring the romance, joy and holidays back into the old west with her newest story. Can you imagine spending christmas out at a ranch in Wyoming? With a cowboy no less? I think my heart just might burst especially if you fell in love with the cowboy. 

My thoughts on the book:

As soon as I got this book in the mail....I started to read it. The cover drew me in because its so beautiful. I once again could picture who the characters were. My sister always jokes around with me that I should become a casting director because most of the time I am spot on with who the authors had no idea who should play their characters. 

This book warmed my heart like a cup of hot cocoa. I could help but want to open up and trust that Clint and Lexi would work things out and be honest with each other. I mean, I couldn't imagine how Clint was feeling----do I open up? Do I tell her the truth? Will she stay or will she leave? I mean, Lexi probably was thinking at first....I can't wait to get home to the big city. Come and lets do what needs to be done type of mentality. In the end the story got tied up with a pretty bow and I was pleasantly surprised with how lovely of a story this was. 

I rate this book a 4.5 out of 5 stars. 

Where to buy:

Who I see playing Lexi Harrington and Clint Romine:

Leighton Meester as Lexi Harrington

Colby Donaldson as Clint Romine

Until next time, 

The Traveling Gypsy

Friday, September 22, 2017

All This Time by Melissa Tagg

I recieved this e-book for free in exchange for my honest review since I am on Melissa Tagg's street team. However, this does not persuade me to rate this book in any way.

From the back of the book:

Bear McKinley’s past refuses to let go. 

Ten years ago, Bear gave up everything—his freedom and his reputation—for his mess of a family. But after years of distance and too many attempts at starting over, he finally has a new life doing noble work in Brazil . . . until his past catches up to him once again. Suddenly he finds himself back in Maple Valley, charged with the care of his missing brother’s children, convinced he’s out of second chances to make his life count. And yet, with every day that passes, these kids, this quirky town and the woman he never stopped missing help patch the holes in his heart. Maybe this is the fresh start he’s been longing for all along. But as his newfound hope grows, so does the mystery surrounding his brother’s activities—and when the threat reaches into the lives of those he loves, it’s clear he can’t run away this time.

Fear holds Raegan’s future captive. 

Raegan Walker is fine. She’s happy working a slew of part-time jobs, still living in her childhood bedroom and rarely venturing from her hometown. At least, that’s what she tells everyone . . . and herself. But she can’t help wondering what might’ve happened if she hadn’t abandoned her art so many years ago—and if Bear McKinley had never left. When Bear returns and she’s commissioned for a painting that just might revive her artistic ambition all in one week, it’s time to finally reach for more than fine. But doing so means facing the fears that have held her back all this time, including admitting the secret she’s kept from Bear and her family. With her dream and her heart on the line, how much will Raegan have to risk to finally chase her happy ending?

My thoughts on Melissa Tagg:

You want funny? what about crazy? How about completely sold out and passionate about her characters? These are just some things I would use to describe one of my favorite authors.....Melissa Tagg. She dives in with both feet and tells such stories that will have you on the edge of your seat, crying, hoping or laughing right along with the characters. I love that she always has a faith element to her stories whether or not they are smack dab in your face or more subdued and behind the scenes. Melissa Tagg writes with her HEART. It shows on every page, every story bleeds with pieces of Melissa's soul. 

My thoughts on All This Time:

It took me some time to get into the book. I am no where close to finished but I wanted to go ahead and post some of my thoughts. First off, I love love love the character of Reagan Walker. She reminds me of me to some extent. She is the more artistic and creative one out of the family. From art work to changing her hair colors....Reagan goes through alot of changes. I know so many people who have anxiety about fear of being honest and truthful to the point of being crystal clear. Its hard from time to time to articulate every emotion, thought or action because if you are anything like Reagan or takes a while to process what exactly is going on. 

How many people feel like the world tells you that you are a failure if you do not have a successful job, 2.5. kids and a white picket fence? I know at times, I feel that way. I have done alot of growing and learning that God sees me as beautiful, talented and wonderfully created just the way He made me. So what if I don't have the perfect job? The family----husband and kids? The need to travel the world and be famous. God cares about Halita and her love, compassion and concern for the world right here in the here and now. That makes her successful in the eyes of a King. 

Don't let people tell you that you can't do something or that you are a failure just because you did not choose to do it like everyone else did. We need more people who allow God to write their stories like Reagan Walker and Bear McKinley. 

I have always loved the character of Bear McKinley because his compassion just astounds me. He does so much for people without anything in return. I love how he was forced to come home but God uses it in the long run to teach him something. As far as is always worth the risk of putting yourself out there even if you are met with rejection. God will use that to help shape your life as you grow. 

Where to buy:

Here is who I can see playing Bear McKinley and Reagan Walker:

Reagan Walker 

Bear McKinley

I will have to finish the book and then give my honest rating but for now I will give it a 4 because I can tell its going to be amazing. Melissa Tagg is an AMAZING WRITER!

Until Next Time

The Traveling Gypsy

Friday, July 14, 2017

On the Waves of Wanderlust by Liwen Ho

I received this e-book for free from Liwen herself as part of her influencer team. This doesn't influence my rating in any way.

From the back of the book: 

After Macy Grant breaks up with a man who won’t commit, she escapes heartbreak with a weekend on the seas. The last person she expects to meet and fall for is entrepreneur Jake Olsen. A believer in love at first sight, he seems perfect for her in every way … then her ex-boyfriend shows up on the cruise ship with a ring.

This 10,000-word short story is perfect for your lunch break, workout, or while you wait in line at the mall. Read it today to get into the spirit of summer any time of the year!

My thoughts on Liwen:

Liwen Ho is such a talented writer and she pours her heart into creating such lovable characters. I admire her determination to create characters with stories of their own that tug at your heart and leave you cheering them on towards a happy ending. Liwen is funny and down to earth. Seems like she always has a positive word for everyone she meets. 

My thoughts on Waves of Wanderlust:

Cute story! One of my favorites that have made me really appreciate characters falling in love. I will say if you have never been on a cruise....that is one experience worth enduring. I went on two cruises so far in my life and I loved them so much. To me, its the way to travel as long as you don't get seasick. LOL. I love the characters of Chloe because she just wants the best for her cousin and for her to be happy as she is with Dill. I love that Liwen talks about Chloe and her cochlear implant because I, myself am hearing impaired and like to think that people with disabilities can do anything normal people can just takes more time, love and patient. 

I love the intentions of Jake Olsen because though it would intimidate me, I think it would be easy to breathe if guys were like this. Instead of running away scared and not committing in most cases. I love the chemistry between Macy and Jake. They make you just want to jet off and join them on adventure all while finding love out on the waves! 

I would rate this book a 5 out of 5 stars. Its an easy read filled with love, adventure, questions and most of all fun. 

Where to buy:

Who can I see playing these beloved characters?

Check out below:

Macy Grant

Jake Olsen




Until next time,

The Traveling Gypsy

Friday, July 7, 2017

Heart on the Line by Karen Witemeyer

I received this book for free from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for my honest review as part of their Review Blogging Team....this does not influence my rating of the book or author. 

From the back of the book:

Grace Mallory is tired of running, of hiding. But when an old friend sends an after-hours telegraph transmission warning Grace that the man who has hunted her for nearly a year has discovered her location, she fears she has no choice. She can't let the villain she believes responsible for her father's death release his wrath in Harper's Station, the town that has sheltered her and blessed her with the dearest friends she's ever known.

Amos Bledsoe prefers bicycles to horses and private conversations over the telegraph wire to social gatherings with young ladies who see him as nothing more than an oddity. His telegraph companion, the mysterious Miss G, listens eagerly to his ramblings every night and delights him with tales all her own. For months, their friendship--dare he believe, courtship?--has fed his hope that he has finally found the woman God intended for him. Yet when he takes the next step to meet her in person, he discovers her life is in peril, and Amos must decide if he can shed the cocoon of his quiet nature to become the hero Grace requires.

My thoughts on Karen Witemeyer:

Karen Witemeyer writes from her heart and imagination. She creates such beloved characters who take you on the ride with them. You feel as if you are riding a horse right along side them or serving in the Saloon. Karen is a down to earth woman who allows her faith to remain in the story but more in a subtle way. This is my second story that I have read by Karen Witemeyer and I can tell you that she is one to watch. Could become a favorite especially for more western type stories and adventures. 

My thoughts on Heart on the Line:

I always thought it would be kind of interesting work as a wire operator especially at the turn of the century. I completely adore the cover and believe it captured the HEART of the book. I had a feeling I was going to love this book when I got to hear a small audio sample a while back. It kept me on the edge of my seat making me wonder what would happen next. This story has romance, adventure and all the elements of a mid-western book. You will find yourself rooting for Grace Mallory and all her friends. As I was reading, I could picture at least three of the characters right off the sister plays around with me and says I should be a casting director.  I would rate this book a 5 our of 5 stars for the funny lines, the adventure, the romance and just in general the amazing writing talents and story telling abilities. 

Where to buy:

Here is who I can see playing some of the characters:

Grace Mallory

Amos Bledsoe

Cookie Granny

Chaucer Haversham


Revolver Granny