Surprised by Love-Julie Lessman

I recieved this book in exchange for an honest review. Surprised by Love is written by the talented and beautiful Julie Lessman who has a way of telling stories. She also has a way of getting into your heart.

This is the first book on this series that I have gotten so I will admit I was a little bit confused. I did fall in love with Megan McClare's character because I was always in my mind thinking that I was geeky and awkward. This book helped open my eyes to that if we give God our wills and desires, He truly makes something beautiful of our broken lives.

Julie Lessman has a way of writing such amazing love triangles that you just are on the end of your seat wondering who she is going to pick. I will be honest that I was drawn in by the cover art. She always picks such beautiful covers and being a writer myself, picking a good cover definitely helps draw readers into wanting to read your book.

I am not a huge reader unless something catches my attention so if you can do that, then you have also written a good book. I am more the type who would rather have someone else read to her but I ABSOLUTELY love the way that Julie Lessman writes.

This book is definitely worth a read through if not more than once.

I give this book 4 stars. :)


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