Her Small-Town Romance by Jill Kemerer

I received this book in exchange for my honest review:

From the back of the book:

Finding Her Way Home

Cozy Lake Endwell, Michigan, seems the perfect place for Jade Emerson's new T-shirt shop—and perhaps a fresh start. After a lifetime of letdowns, she is finally ready to face the future on her own. So when local wilderness guide Bryan Sheffield offers to help Jade overcome a past trauma, she warns him they will remain strictly business. But soon, with the help of Bryan's big, complicated family and a boisterous St. Bernard named Teeny, Jade's frozen heart begins to thaw. Now Jade wonders if she can return the favor, bringing a little happiness to a man who has long kept his own sorrow under wraps…

My thoughts on Jill Kemerer

Jill Kemerer is a new author to me which made me excited especially when she was giving away books in exchange for honest reviews because I love LOVE INSPIRED books. Why you might ask? They are clean romances that are good for the heart. I am not one who enjoys smut or overly graphic sexual content. Jill is a fun-loving humble Christian writer who captures your heart from the first few pages of her book. She develops her characters very well and plants a seed for a love for them to grow in your heart without you even noticing until its too late. 

My thoughts on the book:

This book reminds me so much of me because I admit that I have a tiny fear of the woods but that might also be because I was one day out in the woods with my cousin and sister and we had gotten lost. LOL. By the way, this was supposedly right behind our house so how does one get lost, I will never fully know. Jade is such a pretty name and I am glad to see that someone used one of the less popular names. Jade Emerson also sounds a bit like me as far as starting over in her life and looking for a fresh start. I love that Jade has her own business and that she has her mind set to making it work. 

Bryan Sheffield is an amazing hero because he just helps Jade through her hard times. Sometimes we can be so blinded to when we really do need help. Having a frozen heart makes it hard to feel and to really connect, so I am thankful for a character like Bryan to help Jade become "human" again. This story made me tear up a bit because of how sweet the romance is, made me laugh because of the adventure. 

Can't wait to read more from Jill Kemerer. I highly recommend this book at 4.5 stars. 

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Jill Kemerer said…
Halita, thank you so much!

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