The Chapel Car Bride by Judith Miller

I received this book for free in exchange for my honest review from Bethany House Publishers as part of their review team. The rating is of my own opinion not influenced by the publishers or the author. 

From the back of the book: 

With her penchant for seeing the best in everyone, Hope Irvine sees a world full of good people in hard places. When her father accepts a position traveling in a chapel car as an on-the-rail missionary, she is determined to join him in his efforts and put her musical skills to good use by serving the mining families of West Virginia, saving their souls, and bettering their lives.

Luke Hughes shares Hope's love of music and her love of God, but as a poor miner he knows he can offer her no future. Still, the notes she sings resonate in his heart. When she begins to travel with a young mine manager to neighboring counties, Luke can hardly suppress his jealousy. It isn't until he begins to suspect these missions of mercy might be the mine manager's cover for illegal purposes, though, that Luke feels justified in speaking up. But how can he discover the truth without hurting Hope or, worse, putting her in danger?

My thoughts on Judith Miller:

Judith Miller is a new author to me. So when I saw one of her books up this time around....I was like hey, why not give her a try.  She definitely knows her stuff when it comes to history and mining in West Virginia. She seems like a sweet, down to earth woman who loves what she writes about. I don't know her very well but i would say that she seems to have a gentle spirit about herself. 

My thoughts on the book:

First off, I just have to say wow.....very well written in terms of knowing one's history and details. Second, she loves her characters. You can tell just by reading a few pages into the book. I learned a lot about West Virginia, Moonshine and Chapel Car ministries along with mining. I, of course had some favorite characters such as Hope Irvine, Luke Hughes and Nellie Hughes. I couldn't stand the horrible attitude of Alvin Selznick and Kirby was just sneaky. She wrote some very good despicable characters that just made you hate them with all you had in you. 

I love the flirting between Hope and Luke. I thought it was sweet, romantic and all around cute. I was rooting for them the whole time. In fact, its so funny because when I read this story, it seemed that the characters seemed older than 19 and 22. 

I did find it a bit hard to keep up with all the different character mentions. I would rate this book a 4 out of 5 stars for historical accuracy, love of characters and teaching readers something new. 

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Here is who I can see playing some of the characters:

Judith Miller

Nellie Hughes

Susie Hughes

Hope Irvine

Luke's younger brothers

Kirby Finch

Alvin Selznick

Luke's younger brother

Luke Hughes

Pastor Irvine

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